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Martha + Eric Wedding in Tulare, California

13 Jun

This was one of the last few weddings we shot before we had to wrap up business and prepare for whatever the Navy has in store for us! While Jonathan entered the DEP (Delayed Entry Program) with the Navy and had a shipping out date of June, we were trying to leave earlier if possible, which made advertising and booking weddings over the summer pretty much impossible. I didn’t think I’d miss photographing weddings so much! But I really do. I can’t wait till we’re settled again and business can resume as normal.

Anyhow, the ceremony took place at Martha and Erics church, and the reception was held at the Heritage Center in Tulare. We stopped by a tiny park in Visalia that had a cottage like building to do some portrait shots – it had a very fairy tale quality to it! The wedding took place at the beginning of the year and I really like the crisp, cool, wintry blue undertones the permeated the entire event. Also! This was the weekend that I found out I was expecting baby Tessa. ^_^


Victoria + Derek Wedding in Shaver Lake, California

10 Jun

I photographed this wedding right before Jonathan and I had our wedding, so I was in ultra romance mode for these shots! I loved the soft yellow and orange autumn theme of this cultured country wedding. The ceremony took place at a tiny rustic church in the middle of the mountains by a stream, and the reception was at the church hall across the street. It was secluded and nestled back off of the road. It was a classic American wedding, exactly what you’d picture when you think of when you hear “Here Comes The Bride”.

Krista + Evan Wedding at Royal Oaks Club in Kingsburg, California

9 Jun

This was a beautiful early fall wedding and reception hosted at the Royal Oaks Club in Kingsburg, California. The couple and their family spent the entire week at the resort, camping, swimming, fishing, and having a great time leading up to the rehearsal dinner, ceremony and reception. So the atmosphere was very festive, everyone had already been on a prolonged vacation! After the reception the bride and groom took a midnight float down the river.. I was like, “How do you guys still have energy?!”

I’d have to say my favorite detail of the wedding was the photos of loved ones and old family wedding photos on charms around the bouquet, and the bottle of wine they had friends sign and then sealed into a box for a later anniversary!

Sarah + Kyle Wedding in North Lake Tahoe, Nevada

7 Jun

Jonathan and I had so much fun shooting this beautiful and (though it does not look it) largely DIY wedding! Sarah and Kyle are such a beautiful couple, not only did they have adorable personalities but they are impossibly photogenic. This is simply the prettiest Lake Tahoe ceremony and reception site that we have visited to date. It’s secluded and woodsy, yet close enough to the Lake to go play in the water. And yes, I am a sucker for paper lanterns and twinkle lights.

I couldn’t get enough of all of the tiny touches that made this wedding personalized and unique – from the guitar guest book, to the specialty cake topper and personalized “getaway bikes” to the touches in wardrobe and decor. Sarah did as good a job with bargain hunting and organizing her wedding as some paid wedding coordinators I’ve worked with! ^_^

Christine + Rick Wedding in South Lake Tahoe, California

6 Jun

Not only was this a destination wedding for me to shoot, but it was one for the bride and groom (and family!) that flew in from all over the country. Out of all of their guests, only 5 or so were actually from California! The ceremony and reception took place at Riva Grill in South Lake Tahoe. The day was beautiful! I especially loved the sixpence in the shoe and I thought the fabric and brooch bouquet was so unique and chic. I also loved that the cake had little paw prints on it for the animals they left back home. This is one of the many weddings we have been lucky enough to shoot in the Tahoe and Reno area on the California / Nevada border. Each time we go we fall in love with the locale more and more!

Jessica + David Wedding in Fresno, California

2 Jun