Samantha + Javier Wedding in Madera, California

30 May


These are some highlights from the May wedding that Jonathan and I shot in Madera a few weeks ago. I normally have a much faster turn-around time on wedding images, but with the last minute frenzy of Jonathan leaving for boot camp, these took me a bit longer to edit and process. I debated on whether or not I should post my business / wedding photos on my personal blog, but as photography is my art – my “thing”, if you will – that I may as well share this aspect of my life on my family blog too! Working together as a couple in business and in every day life is part of what makes Jonathan and I who we are, after all!

This wedding was very pretty! The ceremony was held at Saint Joachim Catholic Church in Madera, and the reception was at the Grooms parents private residence. I am a sucker for weddings with twinkly lights and paper lanterns! And perhaps because our wedding was a DIY affair, I loved that the flowers and decor were all DIY.

I hate that with the move, I don’t have any upcoming weddings planned. I feel so… unemployed! I can’t wait till we know FOR SURE where Jonathan is having A School, so I can start advertising in the area. And I kind of hope we get stationed in Pensacola… not only is it a decent drive from NOLA, but it’s by the beach. Can we say beautiful wedding spots?! (Again, I am biased, because our wedding was in New Orleans, haha.)

I am going to be going through my external hard drive in the coming months, so I’ll be slowly adding past wedding shoots and cosplay photoshoots to this blog for some show and tell. So bear with me. I hate having this growing blog and my favorite cosplays not plastered all over it. ^_^


One Response to “Samantha + Javier Wedding in Madera, California”

  1. Pip May 30, 2013 at 5:31 pm #

    What’s the deal w/ the “too small” jacket? *L*

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