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Tessa’s 34 Week Ultrasound

9 Aug


My daughter loves loves loves to hang out upside down in my belly. Every single second and third trimester ultrasound I have had (and I’ve had a lot with the whole RH negative / isoimmunization thing) she is upside down with her head planted on my cervix, her butt up into my ribcage, and her legs folded back over her face, so her feet or legs are usually blocking her face – like in the photo above, with her foot firmly planted on her chin.

She likes to flex and play with her toes A LOT. She has a huge, exaggerated pout and suckling reflex whenever she takes a gulp of amniotic fluid. She gets irritated by her hiccups and furrows her brow and flares her nostrils in frustration. She is cute and quirky and sassy and unique and she already makes me laugh. I mean look. She stuck her big toe IN HER NOSE while we were watching her on the ultrasound:


Who DOES that? My daughter, that’s who! I’m already plotting and scheming to show this to her future husband when I pull out the embarrassing baby book. Oh yes. Yes I am.

Also, my mother-in-law Connie Jo just sent me this yesterday:


We had decided to go halfies with my mother-in-law on the photo package they were peddling to Navy families at the Boot Camp graduation in Great Lakes. I was on the fence over whether I should invest the money in these stock / studio-esque photos, but when I saw my husband in his uniform in this shot, I couldn’t imagine NOT having this photo framed in my home. This is a frikkin’ heirloom. Our great grandchildren will look at that and know that’s their great granddaddy.

When Connie Jo texted me the image again last night to let me know they arrived in the mail, I started tearing up in the middle of an El Pollo Loco. At the risk of sounding freakishly slavish to my husband – I am so very much in love with this man! Yeah, I know, I repeat this every post. But it’s true. I will never know what I did to be so blessed with the man I married and the baby that is growing in my belly. God really is so good.

In other news: I leave this coming Tuesday (my birthday!) on a cross country road trip with my poppa to my new home in Pensacola, Florida. Keep us in your travel prayers my friends!


Tessa’s 31 Week Ultrasound

25 Jul


Yesterday I went in for a 31 Week 5 Day ultrasound. While I am just crazy enough to go in for a bazillion elective ultrasounds to see my baby girls face as often as possible, (for those of you who have asked me “Why so many ultrasounds?!”) these are medically ordered because I may or may not have isoimmunization for anitbody-d. That’s when an RH negative blood type momma (me) and a positive blood type poppa (Jonathan) make a baby with a positive blood type, and momma’s body slowly starts attacking and malnourishing baby (possibly Tessa). There is a shot that give women to prevent this from happening. In extremely rare cases, this shot does not work in some women and the babies are still being attacked. That’s what they think I might have.

I say I may or may not have this isoimmunization problem because the lovely Adventist Health doctors in the Central Valley doesn’t know how to properly read or record medical charts, and have lost my bloodwork  countless times. In the course of my blood work and reading my own charts before they were misplaced, my antibody-d numbers eventually zeroed out. So while I’m fairly positive baby and I are NOT at any risk (I am almost certain the original antbody-d flag was the test picking up traces of the rhogam shot – not an uncommon occurrence, and I had just had the shot prior to the first blood test) I am not complaining over the frequent peeks into my uterus to spy on little miss Tessa, and play it safe.

So far, her levels are completely normal – Tessa is looking happy and healthy! This time it was hard to get a good shot of her because she was wiggling around. She even kicked at the ultrasound wand a couple of times! The movement made it hard to get a non-warbled picture of her face, and she also had the umbilical cord up by her face, blocking her mouth and chin area slightly. Once again (like last time) she was head down and had her foot up over her head. In the above picture you can see the umbilical cord by her face and her foot by her head. It was adorable because she had the hiccups during the ultrasound and you could see her hiccuping on the screen and hear it on the heart monitor. Oh, and look at her little monkey feet! She was gripping the umbilical cord and womb wall with her toes!


I am so very much in love with this little girl! It’s amazing to see how she has grown!! I can’t even begin to wrap my head around the thought that she will be in here in just 8 short weeks. God is so good to me, I have never felt so blessed. When I have my husband AND my daughter in my arms, I might just explode from all the happy! ^_^

Baby Tessa’s 28 Week 3D Ultrasound

2 Jul

1045135_10152963326400594_2034461274_n (1)

OMG my daughter has the chubbiest little cheeks, I just wanna chew on them!!!

Okay, so I read that while babies can and will wiggle around in various positions in the womb, that most babies will get a “favorite position” and then stay in it for the majority of the time around week 20 to week 35. Then, generally by week 35, they get into the head down position (if you are lucky) and stay there. Well, I think I’ve figured out Tessa’s preferred position. I always feel her kicks and movements really low in my pelvis, and whenever she gets hiccups, I feel them all along my waistband, low in my stomach. I kept wondering, “What is she DOING down there that I feel almost all the kicks so low??” Well! I’m pretty sure this ultrasound answered that question.

Tessa was laying head down, facing outward, with her spine up against my spine. BUT! She was folded up on herself with her arms AND her feet crossed in front of her face like an X. So whenever she moves her arms or legs, I feel all the kicks and bumps super low, because that’s where her limbs are! The only thing up above my belly button is her little butt! It was adorable seeing her little tangle of limbs, but we couldn’t see her face at all through the ultrasound. She kept hiding her head with her arms and her feet. I would cough, and poke her in the face (the chick measured the distance from my outside skin to Tessa’s skin, and it measured exactly 1.5 inches) and she would scrunch her face up in annoyance and flare her nostrils and dig her face deeper into her hands. It was so amazing to see! Now I know what it looks like when I try to get her to kick:

Me – *poke poke poke*

Tessa – “Mom. STAHP.”

Me – “Awwwwww! She wiggled!”


(That’s her little foot up above her head, and her arms are up in front of her face.)


At one my point mom got her mouth close to my tummy and spoke to Tessa, and she turned her face towards Grandmas voice, and the gal was able to capture one full picture of Tessa’s face, and another one with half of her face showing, so we at least got to see more of her features. She has gotten SO CHUBBY!!! As of today she weighs exactly 2.1 pounds, the average for 28 weeks being 2 to 2.5 pounds. And she is somewhere between 13 to 15 inches long. Her heart is still beating at 150 beats per minute and all in all I have a PERFECTLY HEALTHY DAUGHTER!! I’m feeling so blessed. God is so good!

I can’t wait to show her beautiful little face to my husband. I’ll be sending these images out in a letter first thing tomorrow, so he should get them sometime next week. I wonder if seeing his baby girl will get him all choked up? Hehe.

Mothers Day and My Mission Statement on Motherhood

12 May


This is my first Mother’s Day as a mom! There is a little 21 week old baby happily swimming around in amniotic fluid in my belly, kicking at my bladder and stomping on my cervix and generally reminding me every moment that I am growing a peoples. And I could not be more excited. I’M A MOMMY!!!!

I have always dreamed of being a mother. I’ve spent far too many hours of my childhood mothering dolls, children, pets, etc. My baby crazy haze is partially why I currently have 5 cats. It’s really less crazy cat lady and more, lady with unfettered maternal instincts run amok, and oh god give me more furry things to cuddle.

This is also my mother and my mother-in-laws first Mothers Day as grandmothers. So the gifts Jonathan and I decided to give are Tessa centered!

At 18 weeks, during Tessa’s anatomy scan, we received some gorgeous 3D ultrasound images. So far these have only been plastered over Instagram, so for Mothers Day we decided to have these framed for our moms.



While window shopping at Marshall’s not too long ago, we spotted some Valerie Bertinelli picture frames and I knew these would make the perfect gift for mums day. American actress Valerie Bertinelli launched her namesake boutique line of home accessories last year as part of a limited release, and they are no longer available, except at TJ Maxx and Marshalls outlets. (God, I love those stores so hard.) So I am happy that we were able to snag a couple of these designer frames before they were cleared out.

The frames are hand carved and painted, and the simple design and 4×4 image window make for a perfect showcase of our beautiful little baby. Isn’t she precious?!

Jonathan and I are still visiting his family and so we spent our Mothers Day at a cabin in Hoodsport, Washington, a little town along the misty coast. Jonathan and his dad treated Connie Jo and I to handmade crepes and coffee for breakfast, then we went for a hike in the Olympic Peninsula. It was lightly sprinkling, and the mossy green everywhere was just breathtaking. In addition to the special treatment and wilderness hike, Jonathan also got me some aromatherapy socks, pink fuzzy slippers and a specialty olive oil diffuser spray for my first Mothers Day. ^_^



So I’ve decided that now, while Tessa is still just a wiggle in my belly, and before I’m dealing with the demands and pressures and craziness that a baby outside the belly is sure to bring, that I’d like to make a kind of “mission statement” on what kind of mother I want to be. That way I can come back, year after year, and make sure I am still being everything I have always wanted to be for my children. I’m hoping this will serve as my North Star of motherhood, and that as the years go by, I will add to this list and stay true to it, heart and soul.

I will always love my children unconditionally and constantly strive to let them know that they are loved and cherished.

I will do everything in my power to ensure that my children are healthy both physically and emotionally. I will provide healthy foods for my children and foster healthy eating habits and good hygiene.

I will expose my children to a variety of cuisines, music, hobbies, art and locations and give them every opportunity to be cultured and world-savvy. I want my children to be as comfortable in a fine art museum as they are hiking through a forest.

I will let my kids explore their interests, and foster a creative and imaginative spirit. I will encourage playing make-believe, playing dress up, singing silly songs and using mom and dad as a jungle gym. I will let them know that a light spirit and a sense of humor, even when things go wrong, is a virtue.

I will raise my children in a godly, Christ-centered household where family prayers, Bible studies and Christian outreach is regular and sincere. I want my kids to be familiar with the Word of God and to see the love of Christ lived out in their parents.

I will homeschool my kids and make every opportunity a learning opportunity for them. I will impart life lessons as a day to day experience of life and surroundings and teach my kids to think, not just to learn. I will foster a love of literature in my kids and give them ample opportunities to be involved in activities in their community.

I will do my best to teach my children morals and ethics, and to work towards an attitude of humility, honesty, integrity and goodwill toward others. I will give them opportunities to be good stewards of their surroundings, from nurturing, loving and raising animals to tending a garden and protecting our environment.

I know that there are many more things that I would like to add to this list (and most likely will add each year) but I figure for now this is a good start. I know this blog is young, and my readers are all over the place in their lives and their interests, but I really would like some feedback… what do YOU have in your mission statement that differ from mine or that you would add that I have missed??