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Family Photos at Seville Quarter

22 Sep


The day before I was induced, Jonathan and I discovered Seville Quarter, a gorgeous Dixieland-esque slice of New Orleans located in the old Pensacola Cigar & Tobacco Company warehouse on Government Street in the middle of Downtown Pensacola.

Seville Quarter is described as “Historic Pensacola with a bourbon chaser!” The large building houses seven unique rooms. One is a turn of the century speakeasy bar with a steampunk twist. One is a bar with an old Western theme, featuring a lamp lit stage where a dueling piano show is performed every night. So on and so on. Check out their website to see more details, instead of hearing my enamored gushing.

At any rate, the day before Tessa made her entrance into the world, we discovered the Palace Café room of Seville Quarter – a dimly lit coffee bar that looks like you stepped into the New Orleans French Quarter. The French doors in the Palace Café are from the old Italian Hall in New Orleans. The bar and back bar in the café date between 1810 and 1820 and come from the Palace Hotel, which is said to have had the first liquor license in the state of Florida. And the stools are from the Wisteria Cafeteria and date from 1870.

Jonathan and I sat in the café, just soaking in the ambiance. The Palace Café connects to Apple Annie’s restaurant, where a live jazz brunch was in full swing. We enjoyed warm beignets and café mochas while listening to the live jazz and people watching – particularly watching an adorable toddler running around while his parents had to take turns chasing him between bottomless mimosa refills. We kept giggling over the cutie and rubbing my tummy, imagining what life will be like when Tessa is that size.

We’ve decided this place MUST be a regular date spot. In fact, we’ve been there twice since that one date day. We took Tessa and Jonathan’s parents exactly one week later on the next Sunday… and I was able to enjoy bottomless mimosas this time! And a few days ago we took my mother who is visiting from California, where we shared beignets and lattes and then wandered the courtyard taking family photos!

Below are some of the photos we took. I’m so in love with my little family!!









Tessa and Daddy – Three Days Old

16 Sep


The hospital released Tessa and I from the hospital on Day 2. We got home late, so I wasn’t able to assault my baby with my camera. Being photographers, Jonathan and I have had the privilege of following many growing families from maternity photos, to newborn photos, to annual family photos. We have a unique perspective of seeing how fast kids grow. So I knew I wanted – no, NEEDED – to get some photos of my daughter in her tiny, newborn, straight from the hospital form. Because before we know it, my little girl isn’t going to be so little anymore!

So these photos were taken on Day 3 of baby Tessa’s life! She loves her daddy so much, and feels so safe and content in his arms. I can’t stop looking at these photos. I am such a lucky woman… a handsome husband and a gorgeous baby girl. I keep telling my husband that these photos are new mommy porn, haha. Next up: Photos of my man doing dishes and vacuuming. Ohhhhh, yeah! ^_^















The Freeman Family in the Month of July

6 Aug

“Man never made any material as resilient as the human spirit.” – Bernard Williams

Above is the month of July in Instagram photos. It feels like more of “The Gingi Show” and less like “The Freeman Family” with Jonathan being in Navy Boot Camp in Illinois for all of July, and all the photos being primarily of me, my cats, and the books I’ve read. But the coming months should contain photos of Jonathan AND baby Tessa! *so excited*

July was kind of hard on me. I dealt with the first month apart from Jonathan with an amazing degree of peace and serenity. Then, as the weeks and days inched closer to seeing my handsome husband again, I found my emotions taking a wild ride that ranged from euphoria to depression within seconds. I honestly cannot tell if my emotions are circumstantial (husband being gone) or hormonal (baby wreaking havoc with my body) or maybe a combination of both. But the latter half of July was not exactly bueno.

But aside from the mood swings and crankiness, July was fairly productive on both of our ends. I kept busy with ever more crafts and projects (like Tessa’s baby shower and planning for the Navy family Meet and Greet!) and Jonathan had a blast at Boot Camp. His division won the Captains Cup, and he earned a ribbon for being a Sharpshooter. He also performed on the drums with the Navy Drum Line live at the two PIR’s prior to his own. I am so very very proud of him!

And a lot of those worries and unknowns I was fretting about in June? They are slowly becoming KNOWNS, which is fan-freaking-tastic. For instance, Jonathan is definitely going to school in Pensacola. We assumed that would be the case, but knowing makes planning so much easier. Now I can look for an apartment, a doula, a birth photographer, a place to pop out my princess, and so on. I can also start advertising for wedding photography again. It’s such a liberating feeling knowing what is going on! Don’t get me wrong, I am all for adventure and excitement, but the stress of birth and a cross country move? Well, I was on the verge of being all funned out with so many great unknowns looming over my head!

I’m still taking it all one day at a time, putting our lives and our situation in God’s hands, and focusing on the things I CAN control and plan for. While these two months away from my husband – and being relatively without communication – have been hard, it has convinced me that we can weather anything. So the upcoming move to a new state, settling in, and planning for a baby is something I know we can handle. I am so proud of the man that I married, and so excited to have our little daughter joining us to be a family. Life sure is about to get interesting!

And now. Here’s some of my favorite tweets from the month of July:

I need to learn to handle my own panic so I don’t convey it to my child. But PAPER CUTS, man. How do you NOT freak out??!

The life I crave = what most feminists rail against as an artificial socially constructed gender role. They can suck my white picket fence.

I love cats! Meow meow meow meow meow!!

I discovered an armrest in my basketball tummy, but Tessa keeps kicking me. It’s my belly TOO, Tessa.

Its insane to think, not too long ago was a barbaric age before Google maps where you could not find the nearest Starbucks from your car…

I keep looking at photos of myself from a couple years ago and thinking “Man, you’ve really let yourself go.” Then I remember I’m pregnant.

I always knew I’d be a MILF someday. Now my new goal is to someday be a grandMILF!

I’m being disgustingly domestic, making Star Wars diaper covers in my pajamas whilst reading “The Power of a Praying Wife”.

Women who think being pregnant is “fun”, who hurt you?

Pro-choicers – “It’s just a blob of tissue.” *looks at ultrasound of Tessa* Same pro-choicers – “OMG, she looks just like you!”

My idea of hanging out is forcing my friends to watch funny YouTube videos all day…

I just told my cat to stop being a pussy, and then laughed at my inadvertent funny.

It’s going to be very hard to leave the people we love and start all over again…

If everything were easy, life would be boring.

I can tell you right now, my husband is going to want to cosplay grown up Hiccup from How To Train Your Dragon 2…

This baby keeps bruising me in ONE SPOT on my belly. I wish I knew what she was doing. And I wish my husband were here so I could blame him.

I just really want to be able to scream “YOU DID THIS TO ME!!” to my husband. That’s really the extent of my knowledge of how babies happen.

The problem with cuddling in bed now is that my iPhone doesn’t cuddle back.

I want to make out with Jonthan’s face.

It’s not fun not getting the sex.

Ugh, I am so desperately in love with my husband, it’s so annoying!

Sigh. Another douchebag telling me I’m waging a War on Women as he advocates killing my daughter in the womb.

I have an uncontrollable urge to buy Jonathan some new pants. It’s my favorite package, I should make sure it’s suitably wrapped.

Having a baby hurts, I’m told.

My friends know me too well – “She’s bored without her husband. So it’s either debating politics or taking pictures of her cats.” TOO TRUE!

I need a tremendous amount of love, attention and compassion right now.

These past weeks have been a self-imposed self-nurturing time: reading, watching anime, doing whatever I really really want to do.

Cell phone, I don’t know why you keep capitalizing COSPLAY, but I like the way you party.

Got to talk to Jonathan… He was awesome and earned a surprise phone call home! *happy dance*

I get inappropriately excited over what I perceive to be sexual innuendos in descriptions of coffee.

People who type out “should of” instead of “should have”. Ugh.

Okay, I give up. I can’t stop calling my daughter kitty. I now dub it your new nickname, unborn child of mine.

I just bitched someone out in a McDonalds drive through line, if you’re wondering how classy pregnancy is keeping me.

I just want to give birth with my pants on. That’s my birth plan.

My husband is officially a sailor!

On the way to see my handsome husband. He graduates THIS FRIDAY! *nose bleed* *faints*

Family Photos with the Ferreira’s

20 Jun


So yesterday I took family photos of my good friends, the Ferreira’s, at Mooney Grove Park in Visalia, California. I met Becky and her beautiful family a couple of years ago doing weekend mini sessions. I noticed that some of the families I took pictures of that weekend all had gorgeous hair. After sounding like a creeper and complimenting everyone on their luscious locks, I found out that Becky was the hairstylist mastermind behind the gorgeous hair colors and styles. So I immediately demanded we barter photography for haircuts, and she has been our sole hair stylist (and friend) ever since!

Here are a few of my favorite shots, out of the many we snapped around the park. The kids changed into their baseball / ballerina clothes before we wrapped up the photos. Too. Freaking. Adorable. The ballet shots especially make me impatient for Tessa to be here already.












Our Maternity Photos in the Sequoia National Forest

18 May


Four years ago, on Fathers Day weekend, I went on a three day backpacking trip on the High Sierra Trail in the Sequoia National Forest, California with my dad, my sister and a guy that I’d met in Southern California and was quite smitten with. At that point we’d only gone on one sushi / coffee date, so when I invited him to go trudging in the middle of nowhere and spend a weekend in the wilderness with a girl he barely knew and her family he’d never met, I really didn’t expect him to say yes.

But he did. And after miles of climbing through meadows, traversing streams, skirting cliffs, and stargazing under the giant redwoods, we were inseparable. We generally calculate the date of our “dating” relationship from this time.



The Sequoias – from the foothills at Three Rivers, to the redwoods up by Lodgepole – hold a very special place in our hearts. We’ve gone there for weekend getaways, for countless cosplays and odd photoshoots, and we even considered it for a wedding location. So it just seemed right to do our maternity photoshoot in the giant outdoor cathedral of the redwoods.

Yesterday we drove down with our photography friend Eliza in tow. I’m only 22 weeks along, (I pushed out my tummy as much as possible for the pictures, lol), but in two weeks Jonathan will be in Navy boot camp in Illinois and we don’t know if we’ll have a chance to take photos afterwards while he’s in A School… wherever that may be. That, and I thought having his long hair intact in some maternity photos would be something Tessa would love to see one of these days when she’s only ever known daddy with short hair.








As I said, our good friend Eliza took these photos for us. She has such a great eye, and it’s nice to hand her the cameras and just relax and look pretty. I tend to get rather awkward when I’m not BEHIND the camera. Which is odd, I know, with all the cosplay modeling I like to do… but it’s different in costume. I can strike a pose as someone else. When it’s just ME? I don’t know how to act or what to do. Cosplay a pregnant lady in the woods? So Eliza did an amaz-za-zing job in making me look not awkward, and capturing Jonathan and I with our precious little baby bump.


The beautiful Miss Eliza, a veritable Rambo of camera-hood – she’s packing with cameras, and she’s NOT AFRAID TO USE THEM!!!

Anyway, I’m in love with these photos. I never dreamed, while stargazing in the moss covered meadows of the High Sierra, that the guy I thought was so dreamy and perfect and wonderful would be walking those same meadows with me years later with a precious little girl who means the world to us, even though we’ve never met her. We’re still marveling over meeting each other, our brains still do not know how to process having a daughter. Our daughter! OH MY GOD. She’s going to be so beautiful. What did I ever do to be so lucky????