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Warm Bodies Movie Review

12 Nov


Yes, yes, yes, this movie came out ages ago. February 1, 2013 to be precise. At the time Tessa was the size of a pea swimming around in my belly. (So much for me being prompt and cutting edge in my reviews…)

Everyone that knows me knows that I am a sucker for unconventional romances. Nothing tickles my fancy more than a forbidden love. Your boyfriends a vampire / ghost / werewolf / zombie / alien / your brother? AWESOME! Just let me pop some popcorn and pull up a front seat to that shiz. I’M SO THERE.

So naturally the concept of this movie had a little foothold on me before I’d even illegally downloaded legally, lawfully and obediently purchased the film.

So my review! (Warning: Spoilers!)

Overall, I liked it! It was far more morbid than I’d anticipated what with the eating of her boyfriends brains and all. I’d expected gore from a zombie movie, but the stashing away brain chunks to nom on later was just creepy to me. Then again I’m a notorious wuss.

While the story has the classic zombie flick flaws – (Really? She disguises herself with just a smear of blood? REALLY?!) – every time you start to take it too seriously, the quirky humor makes you go, “Oh yeah. Zombie comedy. Just go with it…”

It’s one of those “don’t think too hard” movies, but even so it’s got it’s well thought out moments. Like the lead guy and gals names: R and Julia. Subtle tip of the hat to Romeo and Juliet, maybe?… Star crossed lovers. Families hate each other. Yeah? Yeah?! Or am I thinking too hard? (I’m probably just thinking too hard.)

I wasn’t super thrilled with the soundtrack. It was too prominent and in-your-face. I likes me my subtle movie soundtracks. But I did love the dry humor. “Say something human, say something human… how are you? Nailed it!” And it was Twilight cheesy (every sci-fi, fantasy, horror comedy romance MUST be tempered with a healthy amount of cheese), but without being Twilight painful… and thankfully without the horrid Twilight acting.


In fact, the acting in this film is pretty dang stellar. The lead guy whats-his-face (*quick Google search*) Nicholas Hoult, pretty much carried the whole movie with his voice over acting and bumbling zombieness. Oh. Looks like he’s gonna be playing Beast in the upcoming X-Men Days of Future Past movie? Iiiiiiiinteresting….

Anyway, I figured this movie would be a win, when this film had everyone successfully cheering on necrophilia (finally, I’m not the only one!), with the audience internally screaming, “Now kiss the dead guy! KISS HIM!” during the closing scenes. That’s my idea of a good film. *wink wink nudge nudge*

Overall this movie was just FUN. While it’s not a new favorite, it’s certainly worth watching.. and forcing friends who haven’t seen it yet to watch. ^_^


Thor 2: The Dark World Weekend Release and Movie Review

9 Nov


My handsome hubby and I made Thor and Lady Sif cosplays last year for the midnight release of The Avengers on May 4, 2012. We were one of the lucky few that managed to nab tickets to to the official Disney premiere at The El Capitan Theater in Hollywood, California where Stan Lee was present showing off his mega-Marvel collection.

It was our first time working with eva foam for the armor elements of the costume, and at the time we started on our project, there weren’t any existing blueprints or pepakura files for Thor’s armor. So while a lot of costume aspects were rendered from scratch and thrown together last minute, we were super thrilled with the outcome… and Jonathan even placed second in the cosplay contest!


The costume contest at The Avengers midnight release. Jon and I are on the far end. The contest was by selection only… you couldn’t enter, they had to tap you for eligibility. Even so, there were a lot of amazing costumes that DIDN’T come up on stage, while some lame-o ones made it up.


Jon and I with our friends Will and Houkje. We pretty much stole these photos off of The El Capitan Theater website, haha.

You can see us at 30 seconds, 47 seconds, 54 seconds and you can my handsome friend Will cosplaying as Tony Stark at 2 minutes 18 seconds. ^_^

At the time of The Avengers release, when we were still high on the crack of Marvel superheroes coming together into one orgasmically epic film, we had made plans to redo most aspects of Jonathan’s costume to make it more realistic and sturdy. Buuuuuut, then Jonathan joined the Navy. And we knew he’d be in A School during the release of Thor 2. Since there were too many unknowns – where will we be, will he be able to go with his schedule, will there even be a strong cosplay crowd, etc., etc. – we decided to forget about any plans to cosplay to the opening weekend. *sniffles*

BUT! Then we met up with this crazy awesome group of cosplayers, the Pensacola Costumers Guild, and we knew we had to get in on the fun. A dozen frenzied calls to my mother pleading for cosplay care packages and a couple weeks later, we received Jonathan’s Thor costume in the mail, just in time for this weekend release! Oh, and we had to buy him a wig since the Navy chopped off his luscious locks of hair. *sobs*

Which brings us to last night and the opening of Thor 2: The Dark World! We met up with the guild at Books a Million for some geekery and nerdtastic fellowship – with lots of costume show and tell and prancing around for photo-ops. I went sans costume since I had the baby and I’m pretty sure my costume wouldn’t fit. But I got to play camera girl, which was a nice change!




The costuming guild took up the entire lower section / back two rows of the theater.

SO!! Enough with the chit chat! On with the movie review!

Omg omg omg omg!!!! KJNSDFUISNAFKNkjbfiusnbsadn!!!!! After leaving the movie theater I kept trying to gather my thoughts into some kind of cohesive dialogue so I could give at least the semblance of an intellectual review of the movie, but every internal monologue on the film just sounded like an Herbal Essence commercial.

Yes. My mind was sexually assaulted by this movie. And I liked it.

I can only really put it into perspective by saying it is WAY better than Thor 1. But it is not quite as good as The Avengers. (Which, as of right now, is the best movie in the universe.)

The only remotely negative comments I could conjure for this film is that Darcy had a lot of screen time, she dominated almost every scene she was in, and her relentlessly dry humor and quirky comments got a little overbearing at times. That’s not to say that I dislike her character or her lines. It just seemed a little too much for some scenes. But then awesomeness would ensue and all of her forcefulness would be forgotten.

My other complaint is the dry(ish) romance. I did like the subtle love triangle aspects they planted seeds for with Lady Sif and Thor and I wonder what kind of rivalry they’re gonna conjure up there for following movies… and how closely they’ll stick to the comic book storyline? But the only think I don’t like about these movies is that the Thor / Jane romance is a little empty. I mean, I enjoy it, don’t get me wrong. It’s just that freaking Edward and Bella from Twilight seem to have a better relationship build up and much more of an engaging romance than these two. Again, I’m not complaining. But it could be BETTER, I think.

So that’s the summary of my negative comments, review-wise.

Now for the good stuff! I loved, loved, LOVED the humor in this movie. It’s so much more in step with the overall Avengers theme and franchise now, that all of the movies – Iron Man, Thor, Captain America – appear to be taking on a solid form of being the “same story” in the same world, while simultaneously being totally apart, unique and stand-alone.

I noticed on Rotten Tomatoes that people were actually complaining about that. “They kept mentioning Shield. They kept mentioning Captain America. They kept referencing the other superheroes.” Seriously? This movie embraces continuity and builds on a brilliant tapestry of superhero synergy.. and that’s a BAD thing??? Uhhh, okay. That makes sense…. NOT. Those movie reviewers suck.

The Avengers references were AWESOME, the action was engaging, the imagery was stunning, the story wasn’t epic but it certainly was thrilling, and most importantly, they gave us a shirtless Thor scene.

So in my book, Thor 2 was a ten. GO SEE IT IF YOU HAVEN’T ALREADY!!!!!!!!!

American Cosplay Experience Pick of the Month

2 Nov


I always get fangirly giddy whenever one of our cosplays get’s featured, or reblogged, or mentioned in some random way or whatever. I was just talking about that not too long ago.

Anyway, it looks like Jonathan’s Spike Spiegel cosplay from Cowboy Bebop is the American Cosplay Experience pick for the month of November. If you go to the main website here, you’ll see his pic in the top right corner, in a little window of awesome.

So every time fellow nerds log in to troll cosplay photos, upload their own works, yadda yadda, they’ll be assaulted by my handsome hubbies awesomeness. Considering there’s like a bajillion registered costumes on that site, and only a handful of “Pick of the Month”s, I think it’s pretty frikkin’ sweet. (Oh, the things I swoon over as a doting wife….)

You can see our full Cowboy Bebop cosplays and photoshoot here. It was one of our best shoots, if I do say so myself. ^_^

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Cosplay

21 Oct

When Jonathan and I moved to Pensacola, we didn’t bother packing any of our cosplays. I figured we’d be far too busy with a newborn, we wouldn’t have any events to wear them to, and having just popped out a baby I doubted any of my costumes would fit (and I doubted right!).

So when we decided to go to FANdom Con, and anime convention here in Pensacola, we started getting some serious cosplay itchy feet. We had to cosplay, and we had to cosplay NOW. We didn’t know who to go as, and we were very much out of time for putting any decent costumes together. So we were resigning ourselves to go “naked” as I like to call mundane wear.

BUT THEN! Jonathan made a comment about his hair looking like Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and then a lightbulb just kinda went off. I’d go as Dark Willow, and Jon would go as Spike! Jon was able to pull the entire outfit out of his closet (just had to buy the red shirt), and I was able to find the pants and denim jacket at a thrift store. And voila! Spike and Willow cosplay.

We call these easy clothing costume “Closet Cosplays”. And while they’re not my favorite, they are fun to whip together for quick photoshoots and to keep the money draining cosplay bug at bay. We took these photos at St. Michael’s Cemetery in Pensacola, Florida, and our friend Mason helped us watch Tessa / take photos during the shoot. So! Whadya think? ^_^

The Cosplay Couple Is Back

20 Oct


My friend Khristine posted this link on my Facebook wall yesterday… it’s a little collection of 15 Great Disney Cosplays on and our TRON cosplay is featured as #2!

Every once in awhile we stumble upon our cosplay photos being featured on various websites, or reblogged, or occasionally mistaken for screen caps from the movie, or mashed up into desktop backgrounds… it’s fun to occasionally do Google image searches of the costumes we’ve done and find whats out there and the comments our photos get. Sometimes we find some really interesting results. For instance, just a couple of weeks ago I found these photos on of people using our Princess Bride cosplay kissing photo:





I really miss cosplaying as much as we used to! We churned out 33 costumes in just four years of cosplaying together.. and that’s not counting generic pirate and Renaissance and miscellaneous costumes for parties.

This past week, Jonathan and I whipped up some last minute cosplays for Pensacola’s FANdom Con and went as Spike and Dark Willow from Buffy the Vampire Slayer today. We plan on recruiting one of Jonathans friends from the base and taking some photos of the costumes sometime soon. Even though these costumes were “Closet Cosplays” as we like to call them – mostly clothes we pulled out of our closet – it feels good to be “the cosplay couple” again.

I’ll be posting our next cosplay photoshoot and photos from our anime convention weekend – Tessa’s FIRST EVER convention! – soon! It’s been 10 months, but Everythingman and AnimeWench are finally back. ^_^

World War Z Movie Review

18 Oct


Another zombie flick! First it was the pirate craze, now vampires, now zombies. I really hope our cultural obsessions with mythological and fantasy realms cycles back around to ghost flicks. I love me my ghost on human romances. (Shut up, it’s not necrophilia if they don’t have a tangible body.)

So this film came out in June of this year, and I’m only now getting around to reviewing it in October. Why? Because I am cheap and waited for it to come out on DVD so I could illegally download lawfully obtain a copy.

So! As far as your typical run-of-the-mill zombie movie goes, this movie was pretty awesome! I only half watched it, because I am a scaredy cat and can’t watch movies that make me feel cornered. I’ll seriously punch someone in the face if a movie makes me feel trapped. I kid you not, I had to freaking leave the movie theater whilst watching Shaun of the Dead. SHAUN OF THE DEAD. I am that much of a chicken.

So the majority of this movie was me watching slow, boring dialogue scenes, then feverishly playing on Facebook when sh*t hits the fan. Then when things slowed down I talked over dialogue to ask my hubby what happened when I was too busy being a wimp. But from what I saw, it was pretty hard core.

A couple of things about this movie. First, apparently I’m the only one who thinks that Brad Pitt looks like Chris Hemsworth in this movie. I was like, “Yay, civilian Thor is battling zombies, wheee!”

Second, I found no overt flaws with the pacing of the movie, the acting, the special effects or the storyline. It was a pretty solid film in my opinion.

THE ONLY ISSUE I have is with the ending. And it’s a pretty big issue.(Spoilers ahead!)


Okay, so through this whole flipping film, the zombies are FAST. And manic. They bite on a rampage, convert their hapless victims to zombiehood in roughly 12 seconds, and then they’re off on a zombie chomping spree. They get so frenzied when they detect fresh blood that they will literally SMASH THEIR FACES against walls, jump off of buildings, climb over one another and build freaking zombie body walls to get to warm blood. Okay, cool. That’s what makes this movie so unique. They’ve got their own super breed of signature zombies. Awesome.

BUT! When Brad Pitt Thor discovers the “cure” to being zombie immune, he locks himself in a glass box to play with the disease vials / zombie cure. Great. Good story so far – finding a War of the Worlds-esque chink in the zombie armor. Then movie climax time happens. A zombie finds him and he’s trapped. Things would certainly be dire at this point what with the story so far. He’s in a glass box. You’d expect said zombie to flip the f*ck out like every other other zombie. The ruckus would alert other zombies which would then proceed to bash their heads into the glass box and climb over one another to get to him. Which would alert more zombies until every zombie in the building is crushing it’s skull against the glass box.

You’d expect the glass box to break and Brad Pitt Thor would have to quickly inject himself with a random vial to hopefully save himself. Which wouldn’t be a bad ending at all. BUT. That’s not what happens. Doctor zombie that finds him just STANDS at the door, staring at him, barking a little, and chattering his teeth. It’s creepy as hell, don’t get me wrong. Very dramatic and scary and blah blah blah. But it’s SO UNLIKE the entire zombie persona that this whole film is based upon. In the entire film, this is the ONLY ZOMBIE that acts this way.

When Brad Pitt injects himself, the dramatic moment happens when he opens the glass door and has a face to face showdown with teeth chattering doctor zombie man. Which is cool. But still not in keeping with the entire previous two hours of movie.

And those storyline flaws just bug me. So. For that epic flaw, it’s not a favorite film. But it was a GOOD film. And definitely worth watching if you haven’t already.

Our Cosplay Photoshoot Showcase

17 Oct

Last Friday Jonathan and I attended a meeting with the Pensacola Costumers Guild at the local Books a Million.  While indulging in some nerdy “you show me yours I’ll show you mine” with some of the other costumers, we realized our cosplays are scattered all over the interwebs and not easily accessible for show and tell.

I mean, I have them all loaded here on my blog, but when you click on the “Cosplay” category on my blog sidebar, you have to scroll for a small eternity to look through my posts. Then there’s our cosplay group on Facebook, which is annoying and awkward to navigate through on a smart phone. We also have our photoshoots on, but that site has gone crazy downhill with the website administrators going AWOL. And finally we also have photos on, but the site is super anal about having profiles featuring ONLY photos of the cosplayer the page is for. So basically, Jonathans page features only pictures of him, and my page features only pictures of me. Which makes showing off full shoots nigh impossible.

So! I wanted to post a blog with links to all of our costumes and photoshoots for ready reference and bragging sessions. ^_^ So here is the full list of our cosplays as a couple, in chronological order, starting with the summer of 2009!


The X-Files

Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

The Dresden Files

Avatar: The Last Airbender

The Princess Bride


Alice in Wonderland

Tank Girl

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian


Dance Dance Revolution 4th Mix


Cowboy Bebop

Pirates of the Caribbean




Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix


101 Dalmations

Absolute Boyfriend


Sherlock Holmes

Interview With The Vampire

Fruits Basket


Rurouni Kenshin

Final Fantasy X-2

The Hunchback of Notre Dame


American Dad

Buffy the Vampire Slayer