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Thor 2: The Dark World Weekend Release and Movie Review

9 Nov


My handsome hubby and I made Thor and Lady Sif cosplays last year for the midnight release of The Avengers on May 4, 2012. We were one of the lucky few that managed to nab tickets to to the official Disney premiere at The El Capitan Theater in Hollywood, California where Stan Lee was present showing off his mega-Marvel collection.

It was our first time working with eva foam for the armor elements of the costume, and at the time we started on our project, there weren’t any existing blueprints or pepakura files for Thor’s armor. So while a lot of costume aspects were rendered from scratch and thrown together last minute, we were super thrilled with the outcome… and Jonathan even placed second in the cosplay contest!


The costume contest at The Avengers midnight release. Jon and I are on the far end. The contest was by selection only… you couldn’t enter, they had to tap you for eligibility. Even so, there were a lot of amazing costumes that DIDN’T come up on stage, while some lame-o ones made it up.


Jon and I with our friends Will and Houkje. We pretty much stole these photos off of The El Capitan Theater website, haha.

You can see us at 30 seconds, 47 seconds, 54 seconds and you can my handsome friend Will cosplaying as Tony Stark at 2 minutes 18 seconds. ^_^

At the time of The Avengers release, when we were still high on the crack of Marvel superheroes coming together into one orgasmically epic film, we had made plans to redo most aspects of Jonathan’s costume to make it more realistic and sturdy. Buuuuuut, then Jonathan joined the Navy. And we knew he’d be in A School during the release of Thor 2. Since there were too many unknowns – where will we be, will he be able to go with his schedule, will there even be a strong cosplay crowd, etc., etc. – we decided to forget about any plans to cosplay to the opening weekend. *sniffles*

BUT! Then we met up with this crazy awesome group of cosplayers, the Pensacola Costumers Guild, and we knew we had to get in on the fun. A dozen frenzied calls to my mother pleading for cosplay care packages and a couple weeks later, we received Jonathan’s Thor costume in the mail, just in time for this weekend release! Oh, and we had to buy him a wig since the Navy chopped off his luscious locks of hair. *sobs*

Which brings us to last night and the opening of Thor 2: The Dark World! We met up with the guild at Books a Million for some geekery and nerdtastic fellowship – with lots of costume show and tell and prancing around for photo-ops. I went sans costume since I had the baby and I’m pretty sure my costume wouldn’t fit. But I got to play camera girl, which was a nice change!




The costuming guild took up the entire lower section / back two rows of the theater.

SO!! Enough with the chit chat! On with the movie review!

Omg omg omg omg!!!! KJNSDFUISNAFKNkjbfiusnbsadn!!!!! After leaving the movie theater I kept trying to gather my thoughts into some kind of cohesive dialogue so I could give at least the semblance of an intellectual review of the movie, but every internal monologue on the film just sounded like an Herbal Essence commercial.

Yes. My mind was sexually assaulted by this movie. And I liked it.

I can only really put it into perspective by saying it is WAY better than Thor 1. But it is not quite as good as The Avengers. (Which, as of right now, is the best movie in the universe.)

The only remotely negative comments I could conjure for this film is that Darcy had a lot of screen time, she dominated almost every scene she was in, and her relentlessly dry humor and quirky comments got a little overbearing at times. That’s not to say that I dislike her character or her lines. It just seemed a little too much for some scenes. But then awesomeness would ensue and all of her forcefulness would be forgotten.

My other complaint is the dry(ish) romance. I did like the subtle love triangle aspects they planted seeds for with Lady Sif and Thor and I wonder what kind of rivalry they’re gonna conjure up there for following movies… and how closely they’ll stick to the comic book storyline? But the only think I don’t like about these movies is that the Thor / Jane romance is a little empty. I mean, I enjoy it, don’t get me wrong. It’s just that freaking Edward and Bella from Twilight seem to have a better relationship build up and much more of an engaging romance than these two. Again, I’m not complaining. But it could be BETTER, I think.

So that’s the summary of my negative comments, review-wise.

Now for the good stuff! I loved, loved, LOVED the humor in this movie. It’s so much more in step with the overall Avengers theme and franchise now, that all of the movies – Iron Man, Thor, Captain America – appear to be taking on a solid form of being the “same story” in the same world, while simultaneously being totally apart, unique and stand-alone.

I noticed on Rotten Tomatoes that people were actually complaining about that. “They kept mentioning Shield. They kept mentioning Captain America. They kept referencing the other superheroes.” Seriously? This movie embraces continuity and builds on a brilliant tapestry of superhero synergy.. and that’s a BAD thing??? Uhhh, okay. That makes sense…. NOT. Those movie reviewers suck.

The Avengers references were AWESOME, the action was engaging, the imagery was stunning, the story wasn’t epic but it certainly was thrilling, and most importantly, they gave us a shirtless Thor scene.

So in my book, Thor 2 was a ten. GO SEE IT IF YOU HAVEN’T ALREADY!!!!!!!!!


Agents of Shield Series Premiere Review

30 Sep


Okay, I know this pilot aired nearly a week ago and this review is a bit belated. But I have a two week old. Soooo…. Nuff said. (I keep asking fellow moms when life will start to slow down and begin to normalize with children. They all just bust up laughing. Whatever THAT’S about.)

So, I wrote about Agents of Shield waaay back when the show was first revealed this past summer. The whole “Is Coulson really dead?” debate is one that has been a heated topic around the dinner table between Jonathan and I since the midnight release of The Avengers in May of 2012. (The chink in our marital armor is that Jonathan believes that Joss Whedon has a soul and is capable of extending a happy ending to his viewers and I… well, I live in the real world.)

So when Agents of Shield was announced with a very much NOT dead Coulson, Jonathan was over the moon. And I knew I wouldn’t hear the end of it. But I still think I’m right, and that Coulson really did die.

You see, the WAY he came back just doesn’t satisfy me. While Joss is the king of unrealistic deaths followed by, “Tis but a flesh would, I got better!” – think Buffy dying twice, Tara coming back from the dead, Angel making his return after having his SOUL killed via longsword, and so on – I don’t buy the whole, “I quit breathing for a couple seconds, I’m perfectly fine with not a smidgen of brain damage” nonchalant excuse in Coulson’s case. It’s obvious he’s a clone. Or something.

The follow up commentary between Agent Maria Hill and the lab tech of, “He really doesn’t know, does he?” “He must never know…”  has me thinking I’ve solved this mystery. And by episode one. Which makes me feel clever and simultaneously a tad disappointed with what feels like a slightly predictable plot.

While I thoroughly enjoyed the show and anxiously look forward to watching more of it, I just can’t find myself connecting. Yet. Maybe it’s because this show just reeks of Whedon. Which isn’t a bad thing, except that I’m finding myself internally guarding against falling in love with any of the characters, because each and every single one of their imminent deaths are highly likely. I don’t handle death well, even in the realm of my fictional worlds / characters. Hurt me once, shame on you. Hurt me twice, and see if I connect with your new series by the first episode, you sadistic character killing asshole. (Who says I can’t hold a grudge?)

So the pilot covers the basic assembly of Agent Coulsons team. It didn’t feel forced, it had a nice flow, and the team is varied enough to provide a world of shenanigans and clever dialogue and endless high-action antics. For a basic introduction to the Marvel world and the characters, I think it was superb. BUT! There were a few minor things that bugged me about the first episode.

Like the living-in-her van-on-the-street hacker being perfectly manicured and groomed. Riiiight. Because a full hair salon and make up station in that van just makes so much sense. Plus, she reminded me too much of a Kaylee Frye type, which feels like we’re just recycling characters. Also, there was a bit TOO MUCH technology zooming around out every orifice of this show – technology that seemed to exceed Stark Industries, which doesn’t jive with the ‘verse it’s supposedly set it. Like Leo and Jemma, the two bickering lab technicians, pulling out Batteries Not Included-esque flying robotics during an inspection (omg, I loved those cute baby alien robots so hard!), and Coulson’s cute but cliché flying car at the end. Where were these gadgets when the superest of the superheroes were battling Loki and his lot in The Avengers?

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed this pilot. And I will be watching the show as it unfolds. But I’m not “in love” with this series, the way I’m seeing some of my fellow nerdy friends fall for it. But I’m not trying to NOT like it either, contrary to my obvious distrust and bitterness regarding Whedon, the notorious breaker of pop culture hearts.

I’m excited to see where the series is going, but preparing myself to emotionally check out with the first pointless and needless gut-wrenching death of a supporting character. (My money is on Leo or Jemma going first. Silly banter and then “I’m a leaf on the wind” ALL OVER AGAIN.)

Nerdy Bibs, Blankets, Burp Cloths and Diaper Covers

15 Jul


Alright folks. This is my first batch of nerdy sewing projects for my daughter Tessa. I have spent the last five years with Jonathan working on all kinds of crafts and projects for cosplays and holidays and geekiness of all varieties, so I knew I would eventually be cranking out random baby paraphernalia for my future children. I thought making this first round of goodies would make this whole parenthood thing more real, but with my daughter only two months away, I am still having trouble wrapping my brain around the concept of being a mother. Me? A mom?! I still watch anime and relate to the shy 13 year old characters! How is this whole raising a human being thing gonna pan out?!

At any rate, I had fun making these goodies over the last few weeks. All of the fabrics were purchased from either Joann’s Fabrics, Wal-Mart or the LA Fabric District. The prints are all a variation of Star Wars and Marvel / Avengers. (Gotta introduce baby girl to the classics!) So here’s what I made:

Burp Cloths:






I made these burp cloths using a variation on this tutorial from Chickpea Sewing Studio. While some of the cloths have the decorative strip of fabric down the entire length of the terry cloth as the tutorial shows, I made a couple of the cloths with the nerdy fabric strips on the very ends of the cloth, so when baby burps up it will most likely land on the terry cloth, which is far more absorbent.  That way you get functionality while simultaneously getting to nerd represent! hehe!

Receiving Blankets:






I made the 32″ x 32″ Marvel Comics self-binding receiving blanket using this tutorial from the blog Sew Much Ado.

I didn’t use a tutorial for the 36″ x 36″ Star Wars receiving blanket, I just kind of… made it. But for those of you interested in a simple, no pattern required sewing project, the closest I could find to what I did can be found on this tutorial from KDBuggie Boutique.

Diaper Covers:







I made these diaper covers using McCalls pattern 6223. I will say, I was a little nervous about making these. I always had it in my head that diaper covers would be difficult. Maybe it was a loose association with the mess that usually comes with diapers? Who knows. But these were effortless and easy. I will be using this pattern again and again, I’m sure. These were my favorite to make thus far.

Newborn Bibs:




These were also made using McCalls pattern 6223. I’m not overly crazy about bibs (or making them.. CURVES, ugh!) but I wanted to make a few for some “OMG, look at that adorble baby geek!” newborn pictures.

So that’s my first batch of geeky baby projects. I’m planning on making many more in the future (changing pads, nighties, infant car seat covers, oh my!) but I thought I’d share these for now. ^_^

Phil Coulson Lives (?!) in new Avengers Spin Off TV Show

17 May


“Waaaaah waa waaaah, he caaaan’t be dead. We didn’t SEE him die! The cards were in his locker, that’s a clue, Fury is lying, he caaaan’t die!”  < —– That’s how Jonathan has sounded ever since The Avengers midnight release. I, for one, was unconvinced that Agent Coulson lived. It’s been the subject of many a heated marital dispute, along with the details of our zombie apocalypse survival plan and whether having sex with each other in an alternate dimension would technically constitute cheating.

Then ABC dropped the bomb on Sunday that Joss Whedon’s upcoming Avengers spin-off TV series that focuses on the Marvel universe’s superspy operation S.H.I.E.L.D. will be starring a very much not dead, “for realsies” alive Agent Phil Coulson.

And there is no living with Jonathan now.

Joss Whedon is like the emotionally abusive boyfriend that you just keep going back to. You think, “Ohhh, but he’s changed this time. He’s different. He won’t hurt me again.” And then you dive back into the relationship, addicted to the thrill of the ride. Things are going great. Joss showers you with love and affection, then – “Here baby, look what I got you. Oh, you like it?” *SMASHES IT* “Baby, why you gotta make me hurt you?!”

See, I knew Whedon was like this. I anticipated the heartbreak. I prepared myself. I’ve been there before. I don’t care how great it was George, but I put my foot down at Jar Jar Binks. Your Indiana Jones aliens don’t faze me. What we had ended long ago. YOU CAN’T HURT ME ANYMORE!

So I wasn’t really surprised that Coulson was (apparently) killed in The Avengers. I wasn’t expecting any miracles for him to return.

But I had forgotten about the three general patterns of emotionally abusive behavior. Aggressing, denying, then minimizing. “What you talkin’ bout baby? I didn’t kill Buffy / Angel / Phil Coulson. Here, have a brand new series. Yeah, you like that, huh baby?”

Just last week I blogged about Clark Gregg at the Iron Man 3 release at The El Capitan Theater in Hollywood, CA making some cryptic comments about Agent Phil Coulson making a comeback. And now it’s come full circle.



So yes, it’s the comic book universe, and yes, I understand that impossible things can happen. But how do you reconcile the minor issue of, oh, being stabbed through the heart?!?! From what I can glean on the Internet, the answer is being held as bait to reel you into watching the show, as if anyone who has seen any Marvel movie could help themselves from indulging in that crack franchise.

So anyway, the show will air on Tuesdays this fall. So my forays into living with a newborn will be sprinkled with servings of Marvel-y goodness and Whedon shenanigans, which means baby will quickly learn the finer points in the art of television watching early on, like yelling at the TV and artfully expressing yourself to an inanimate object. (“I am a leaf on the wind…” *throws crowbar at the TV*)

Let’s just get one thing straight. I may be going on this date with you Whedon, but it’s not anything serious. This is strictly a friends with benefits deal. So whatcha got for me this time?