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Wordless Wednesday – November 13, 2013

13 Nov



Wordless Wednesday – October 30, 2013

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Wordless Wednesday – August 28, 2013

28 Aug


A Day at the Dog Park

30 Jun


There’s a heat wave here in the Central Valley in California, so of course I had the brilliant idea that my family and I should have an outing to the Dog Park. At noon. In the sun. With the 110 degree heat.

It wasn’t a completely pointless idea from my heat-addled brain, it actually made sense when I suggested it from the comfort of my air conditioned apartment. I wanted to take some more pictures of our golden retriever Thor to send to Jonathan in Boot Camp, and him rolling around in the apartment waving his genitalia everywhere (his balls really offend me) makes for a markedly less interesting picture when it’s in the living room. Also, my dad had been wanting some more pictures of his dog Bella (she’s an Australian Stumpy) playing Frisbee.

Because of the heat I’d been keeping poor Thor cooped up in my little 800 square foot studio apartment and he’s starting to get stir crazy and do thing  like eating my couch. (No really. That happened.) So an outing to the dog park made sense! In theory.

We loaded my dads dogs Bella and Chanci (a corgi mix), and my moose of a dog Thor, and decided to try out the new Dog Park at Hidden Valley Park in Hanford, California. It is brand spanking new, with a lovely green grassy field, lots of water fountains for people and doggies, lots of shade, and an annoying absence of benches. Overall, I like it better than the old dog park.









Anyhoo, I did get some good pictures of Thor to send to Jonathan, so: mission accomplished.

My mom and I took turns taking pictures of the dogs playing, which unfortunately didn’t last long due to the heat. Even the puppies were wiped out from the heat wave. After tossing the Frisbees and tennis balls around for a few rounds, and guzzling unholy amounts of water, we called our doggy play date to a close and spent the rest of the day trying not to pass out with our faces plastered against the air conditioner. Hopefully Thor is wiped out for the week.. my new goal for the summer is to never go outside ever.

Happy 28th Birthday to my Husband Jonathan!

25 Jun


My handsome hubby is spending his 28th birthday today in Great Lakes, Illinois as a Sailor Recruit in Boot Camp for the United States Navy. And I am so very proud of him! That little monster in the photo above was Jonathan’s 27th birthday gift! It’s amazing how much things have changed in just one measly little year.

Jonathan left for Boot Camp on June 4th, and today marks three weeks exactly that he’s been gone. He is in a Performance Division, which means that in addition to all of the regular duties and skills he is expected to learn in Boot Camp, he is also expected to learn performance routines for his (and others) graduations. I’m not sure what exactly Jonathan’s role IS in the Performance Division, but I know that it’s not choir, it’s not band, and it’s not flags. I’m thinking maybe rifle drill team? This whole not knowing thing is driving me batty.

I’ve also come to learn that Jonathan is in a “push division” which means (apparently) that his group was on hold for a week while they waited for the division to fill up. And once it was full, instead of having them graduate a week later, they decided to push the group through to it’s original graduation date. As a result, on top of Performance Division routines they need to have memorized, they have to cram all 8 ½ weeks of boot camp into a 7 week period to graduate by August 2, 2013. So I think I can safely assume that my husband has been a very, very busy man these past three weeks.

BUT! I get to see my husband graduate in just 5 weeks, 3 days!

I haven’t received any letters from Jonathan yet. But I did received one phone call the day before yesterday. Which was sheer agony, let me tell you. Jonathan called and when I went to answer… my phone broke. The microphone quit working. I could hear him, he couldn’t hear me. It was torture. I was at our friends, the Morrows, for their 15th year wedding anniversary, so I texted Jonathan’s mom, giving her the Morrows landline. Instead of calling his mom right away he kept trying to call me for 18 minutes! I was restarting my phone, banging it against every imaginable surface I could find, and screaming into the dead mouthpiece, “CALL YOUR MOM!!!!” When he finally called his mom, got the number, and called me, we had all of 4 minutes to talk before he had to go. It was gut wrenching. But hearing his voice was heavenly.

He says Boot Camp is hard, but fun. He’s thrilled to be in the Performance Division. He says his job is “really cool”. (How’s that for descriptive? Heh.) And he sounded great. He sounded like himself. He was laughing at me crying over the broken phone. Hearing him so composed, so lighthearted, so HIM made my week. I am so proud of my sailor boy!

While it sucks being away from Jonathan for his birthday (and Fathers Day… and Independence Day…) I am so very proud of him and where he is right now. And I can’t wait to give him big hugs, and kisses, and loves when I see him again. It’s amazing how much things change in just one year. Last year we had a newborn puppy. This year we have a full grown moose of a dog. For his birthday next year Jonathan will have an 8 month old daughter. ZOMG. Isn’t life crazy?! When I reflect on the past few years and how impossibly FAST they have been moving, it makes 5 little weeks till his graduation seem like a cinch. We got this!

Happy Birthday Jonathan FreeCougar.