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Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft Closed Beta

6 Dec


Oh frabjous day! I got selected to play the Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft closed beta for the Americas!

Not gonna lie, when I saw “Blizzard Entertainment” in my inbox, I had the knee-jerk reaction of any World of Warcraft / Starcraft / Diablo gamer – “Awww crap. I’ve been hacked. SON OF A…!!” Seriously, even with an authenticator my account is apparently highly hackable. For any of you looking for an easy target.

Anyways, if Sword Art Online has taught me anything, it’s that you never turn down a closed beta invite, as it could mean life or death if any WoW head honchos decide to go rogue. I mean, Greg Street just resigned… coincidence? I THINK NOT. But I digress.

So invite in hand, I spent the morning neglecting my housework and wasting more time than I care to admit puttering around with this new toy.

First off, I love the imagery. I love the soundtrack. And as always, the voice acting is superb. (Millhouse Manastorm sounds like half a dozen card players I knew back in my Young Jedi Star Wars gaming days.) “Ohhhh, just you wait! When I have enough mana….!”


Overall, the game is insanely simple and frighteningly addicting. It’s basically just a digital version of a collectable card game, very much like Magic: The Gathering. You draw cards from your deck, each with a mana cost and attack power / spell / action, and you get to play them based on your mana level which increases with each turn. The cards either directly attack the opponent, summon minions to attack the opponent or performs a unique function, like allowing you to draw more cards or get more health. The deck of cards you work through is designed by the player, which gives this frighteningly simple game a great degree of strategy… and potential to be very costly if my husband starts playing. Cuz when you awaken Freeman gaming rage, card games ain’t cheap, lemme tell you.

What it boils down to is your ability to design a deck and your tactical choices during the game with the cards that turn up in your hand. Again. It’s crazy simple, and loads of fun.

Anyone else had a chance to play the closed beta? (Or plan to play the open beta when it releases later this month?)


Collecting New Clothes in World of Warcraft

13 Jun


I finally completed my Brutal Gladiator Dreadweave transmog set for my Warlock in World of Warcraft!

And let me tell you, if I invested this much time and effort into my clothes in real life, I’d actually look stylish. And now I can’t stop. I want to collect all the cute outfits in WoW.

I’ve been playing this game off and on since it’s original midnight release in 2004, but in all that time I have never progressed very far beyond the noob realm of World of Warcraft. I really suck at this game. I’m not trying to be modest or funny, I really am one of the worst seasoned players you will ever find. I’m not Randy in South Park, “how do you trade this item” bad, but up till Jonathan left for boot camp I have been, “how do I queue for Alterac Valley” bad.

I will say I have gotten a lot better at not sucking ever since I started playing with Jonathan. As I detail in my “About Me” section, my husband and I met at the midnight release of World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King in 2008 in Anaheim, California and to quote The Guild, “our keyboard chemistry has been undeniable” ever since. He is the only reason my character ever reached level 90 – because I shadowed his Death Knight on raids and made him keep me alive while I looted all the bodies and whined over wanting to keep all the rare pet drops.

What it boils down to, is that I am the cliché woman in World of Warcraft. I play a character that looks like me in real life. I cook, I tailor, I collect flowers (both herbalism and vanity off-hand bunches), and I spend all of my time in-game collecting pretty clothes and cute animals and seasonal rarities. I get distracted by achievements to hug all the squirrels, and I find creepily orgasmic levels of joy in the mind numbingly repetitive tasks required to level fishing or archaeology.  I like to roam the realms of Azeroth just to soak in the scenery and capture screenshots of the in-game sunsets and exotic architecture.

It really is my world away from world, where I like to make my avatar do all the things real-life Gingi likes to do: travel, take pictures, sew, cook, have pets, garden, and pursue random hobbies and interests.

The best part of WoW is, I get to share it with my honey. Jonathan and I have quite literally had “in-game dates”, where we take romantic screenshots having a picnic, taking a gondola ride, or wandering pretty landscapes, then work on achievements together or go pick on Horde noobs and camp their bodies while we giggle over glasses of wine in the real world.




Anyway, back to my clothing. To collect all of the pieces of that bitching outfit you see at the very top of this post (and the Cataclysmically Epic outfit I transmogged it onto), required a lot of freaking PvP (player versus player) time. And that is something that I never do solo (see above about me sucking at the game.)

I’m just not a huge fan of PvP in WoW, simply because I find that the majority of Horde players are mothers-basement dwelling middle aged men and / or prepubescent assholes that have to fulfill fantasies of competence and manlihood by picking on the squishy warlock who is in the middle of a pet battle with poor gear.

So taking to PvP grounds all by my onesie and finishing this clothing set is quite the accomplishment for me. I told Jonathan that my goal was to complete both sets of my gear before he graduates Navy boot camp. It’s been… *counts on fingers*…  one week and I already have my shiny outfit that I’d given myself 2 ½ months to complete. I just wanted to publicly pat myself on the back for that achievement. For those of you who care.

BTW, if anyone wants to add me on WoW / play / chat my battle.net e-mail is dizneewench@yahoo.com. Anyway, now I’m off to collect 11 trillion thousand more outfits and vanity pets.

Also, watch these World of Warcraft themed YouTube music videos. They’re stuck in my head. And they should be in yours too.