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A Day at the Dog Park

30 Jun


There’s a heat wave here in the Central Valley in California, so of course I had the brilliant idea that my family and I should have an outing to the Dog Park. At noon. In the sun. With the 110 degree heat.

It wasn’t a completely pointless idea from my heat-addled brain, it actually made sense when I suggested it from the comfort of my air conditioned apartment. I wanted to take some more pictures of our golden retriever Thor to send to Jonathan in Boot Camp, and him rolling around in the apartment waving his genitalia everywhere (his balls really offend me) makes for a markedly less interesting picture when it’s in the living room. Also, my dad had been wanting some more pictures of his dog Bella (she’s an Australian Stumpy) playing Frisbee.

Because of the heat I’d been keeping poor Thor cooped up in my little 800 square foot studio apartment and he’s starting to get stir crazy and do thing ¬†like eating my couch. (No really. That happened.)¬†So an outing to the dog park made sense! In theory.

We loaded my dads dogs Bella and Chanci (a corgi mix), and my moose of a dog Thor, and decided to try out the new Dog Park at Hidden Valley Park in Hanford, California. It is brand spanking new, with a lovely green grassy field, lots of water fountains for people and doggies, lots of shade, and an annoying absence of benches. Overall, I like it better than the old dog park.









Anyhoo, I did get some good pictures of Thor to send to Jonathan, so: mission accomplished.

My mom and I took turns taking pictures of the dogs playing, which unfortunately didn’t last long due to the heat. Even the puppies were wiped out from the heat wave. After tossing the Frisbees and tennis balls around for a few rounds, and guzzling unholy amounts of water, we called our doggy play date to a close and spent the rest of the day trying not to pass out with our faces plastered against the air conditioner. Hopefully Thor is wiped out for the week.. my new goal for the summer is to never go outside ever.