World War Z Movie Review

18 Oct


Another zombie flick! First it was the pirate craze, now vampires, now zombies. I really hope our cultural obsessions with mythological and fantasy realms cycles back around to ghost flicks. I love me my ghost on human romances. (Shut up, it’s not necrophilia if they don’t have a tangible body.)

So this film came out in June of this year, and I’m only now getting around to reviewing it in October. Why? Because I am cheap and waited for it to come out on DVD so I could illegally download lawfully obtain a copy.

So! As far as your typical run-of-the-mill zombie movie goes, this movie was pretty awesome! I only half watched it, because I am a scaredy cat and can’t watch movies that make me feel cornered. I’ll seriously punch someone in the face if a movie makes me feel trapped. I kid you not, I had to freaking leave the movie theater whilst watching Shaun of the Dead. SHAUN OF THE DEAD. I am that much of a chicken.

So the majority of this movie was me watching slow, boring dialogue scenes, then feverishly playing on Facebook when sh*t hits the fan. Then when things slowed down I talked over dialogue to ask my hubby what happened when I was too busy being a wimp. But from what I saw, it was pretty hard core.

A couple of things about this movie. First, apparently I’m the only one who thinks that Brad Pitt looks like Chris Hemsworth in this movie. I was like, “Yay, civilian Thor is battling zombies, wheee!”

Second, I found no overt flaws with the pacing of the movie, the acting, the special effects or the storyline. It was a pretty solid film in my opinion.

THE ONLY ISSUE I have is with the ending. And it’s a pretty big issue.(Spoilers ahead!)


Okay, so through this whole flipping film, the zombies are FAST. And manic. They bite on a rampage, convert their hapless victims to zombiehood in roughly 12 seconds, and then they’re off on a zombie chomping spree. They get so frenzied when they detect fresh blood that they will literally SMASH THEIR FACES against walls, jump off of buildings, climb over one another and build freaking zombie body walls to get to warm blood. Okay, cool. That’s what makes this movie so unique. They’ve got their own super breed of signature zombies. Awesome.

BUT! When Brad Pitt Thor discovers the “cure” to being zombie immune, he locks himself in a glass box to play with the disease vials / zombie cure. Great. Good story so far – finding a War of the Worlds-esque chink in the zombie armor. Then movie climax time happens. A zombie finds him and he’s trapped. Things would certainly be dire at this point what with the story so far. He’s in a glass box. You’d expect said zombie to flip the f*ck out like every other other zombie. The ruckus would alert other zombies which would then proceed to bash their heads into the glass box and climb over one another to get to him. Which would alert more zombies until every zombie in the building is crushing it’s skull against the glass box.

You’d expect the glass box to break and Brad Pitt Thor would have to quickly inject himself with a random vial to hopefully save himself. Which wouldn’t be a bad ending at all. BUT. That’s not what happens. Doctor zombie that finds him just STANDS at the door, staring at him, barking a little, and chattering his teeth. It’s creepy as hell, don’t get me wrong. Very dramatic and scary and blah blah blah. But it’s SO UNLIKE the entire zombie persona that this whole film is based upon. In the entire film, this is the ONLY ZOMBIE that acts this way.

When Brad Pitt injects himself, the dramatic moment happens when he opens the glass door and has a face to face showdown with teeth chattering doctor zombie man. Which is cool. But still not in keeping with the entire previous two hours of movie.

And those storyline flaws just bug me. So. For that epic flaw, it’s not a favorite film. But it was a GOOD film. And definitely worth watching if you haven’t already.


3 Responses to “World War Z Movie Review”

  1. Tom Randall October 18, 2013 at 7:10 pm #

    Haven’t watched this movie yet, but plan to. How did you do with “I am Legend”? Haha. My wife hates it when I do my version of the ‘nightcrawlers’ scream. That movie freaked her out. I have to agree with you, that does seem totally counter-intuitive to the entire movie if this zombie is just standing there. Wierd. Oh well, I’ll pipe in more on this once I watch it. I’m cheap too when it comes to movies, however I prefer to call it “tasteful choosing” on which movies I’ll wait for and which movies I squeal like a little girl when I get my tickets :::cough cough::: Hobbit 2…. 😉

    • gynjii October 18, 2013 at 7:14 pm #

      I hated I Am Legend simply because it was a travesty and obscene mangling of the original story / book. But yes. It scared me. Haha. (I’m not as much of a wimp as I pretend with movies, really. *shifty eyes*) AND YES!! Hubby and I want to dress up to Hobbit 2, but I’m afraid we don’t have the funds to do it right. *sobs*

      • Tom Randall October 18, 2013 at 9:26 pm #

        Haven’t read the original, heard things about it, but never dug into it….yet? I loved the “first person shooter” camera angle when he was going in after his dog…THAT put me on the edge of my seat! If you can’t dress up, no worries, there is still part three! haha!

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