Tessa Meets Grandpa

5 Oct


Okay, so I was about to post this blog, and then my comp deleted it. Erased it. Chomped it. Nommed it. Made it swim with da fishies. Whatever. And my nerves are so, freaking, raw right now. I’ve got such a short temper at the moment that I feel like I need to isolate myself for the sake of everyone else around me. So I’m going to retype this out, quickly and half-heartedly, and then go pout in my room.

So! My dad flew in from California a couple of days ago to see his very first grandbaby for the very first time! My dad has been bugging me since I was childbearing age to “give him grandbabies”. He’s become the creepy old man at grocery stores that goo-goo and ga-ga’s over strangers infants and toddlers. He’s baby crazy in a way that I have seldom ever seen a human being without ovaries be. So giving my daddy his longed for granddaughter was a happy moment for me. In fact, when I found out I was pregnant the first time, he was the very first person we told.

While the whole purpose of his visit was to play with Tessa – bouncing her on his knee, singing all the old bedtime songs he used to sing to me, and FaceTiming with the rest of the family – it kind of sucks that my dads week in Pensacola has been plagued by the government shutdown, and an impending hurricane warning. Everything he wanted to see / do was shut down or unavailable. So he’s mostly been helping me run errands and watching the baby while I get chores done. Which has been AWESOME, let me tell you.


Me, my dad and my handsome husband, enjoying the porch at Cracker Barrel.

But we did get a chance to visit the Pensacola Lighthouse again. Last time I climbed it I was 8 months pregnant. This trip Tessa had to wait downstairs with Jonathan while my dad and I made the climb, since no children could be carried up or down the steps. And we did get to go on a short hike along the Trench Trail near Fort Barrancas. So there were some things we got to go do instead of just sitting in my apartment twiddling our thumbs. Oh, because I forgot to mention, our PS3 / DVD player quit working. Yeah, this has been the ultimate week of nothing going right. So anyway, before I start clouding up this blog with ever increasing amounts of frustration, I’ll just post some pix from my dads trip and say despite my current short temper, it’s been a fun week:









One Response to “Tessa Meets Grandpa”

  1. lovinchelle October 5, 2013 at 12:58 am #

    Great family and great photos.

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