Jonathan Performing in the Navy Drum Line PIR 7/19/13

19 Jul


OMG OMG OMG! I spent most of my morning hysterically giggle-crying over my computer, like some prepubescent teen watching a Bieber concert.

My husband, whom I haven’t seen in 7 weeks, performed live playing the bass drum at the Navy Boot Camp graduation with the Navy Drum Line Performance Division in Great Lakes, Illinois and I got to watch the live streaming video (and grab some screen shots). I hardly recognized him at first! He looks so different! The Navy balded my husband!

And those dorky chic glasses? LOL! I am so madly and desperately in love with this man. I am feeling so blessed to have been able to watch him perform. I am walking on air. AND! I get to see him play again next Friday! And in two weeks? He’ll be the one graduating and I’ll be making a spectacle of myself sobbing into his arms. We’re almost there!!!





One Response to “Jonathan Performing in the Navy Drum Line PIR 7/19/13”

  1. clubschadenfreude July 19, 2013 at 7:31 pm #

    congrats for getting to see your hubby! The haircut does make a difference. I never saw my husband balded, though I did see him in military reg hair for the first few years of our relationship. As soon as he left the reserves, he grew his hair down to the middle of his back. I will have to say that the BCGs (birth control glasses) are much nicer than they had when I was in briefly.

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