Le Leche League Meetings and the Lact-Aid Nursing Trainer

13 Jul


I attended my first Le Leche League meeting this past Tuesday in Hanford, California. I was a little hesitant to go, because I was pretty sure I’d be the only mom there with non-operable boobs. But I was determined to attend and break through my discomfort because in just two months there’s going to be a tiny human being trying to get nourishment from me, and I need to know how to go about getting milk into her. Any and all support I can get in this venture is greatly appreciated. So I dragged my mom along to the meeting and made sure my friend Bree would be attending – as a breastfeeding mom of four, she has been to a meeting or two!

When I arrived, I was surprised to see a number of gals from the Natural Parenting for Non-Hippies and the Visalia Birth Network groups. It looks like the people reaching out to other mommas in the Central Valley tend to run in the same circles. I was able to introduce myself and share my story, and then I sat through a very informal, informative and largely irrelevant (to me) meeting on the intricacies of breastfeeding. The meeting was more of a “Hi, how are you? Nice to meet you” and less of a getting all of my questions answered, but I feel a little bit more comfortable coming to the next meeting and asking specific questions.

Since I am unable to produce milk and will be feeding Tessa solely on donor milk, I am left with few feeding options. Option 1: All bottles all the way. Option 2: Nursing aids / at the breast supplementers. I’m trying to opt for number 2, with number 1 being reserved for special daddy and baby bonding / feeding times.



Because I was dragging my feet on researching the best feeding methods for Tessa, and whether I should opt for the SNS or the Lact-Aid, my mom made up my mind for me a couple weeks ago and bought me a Lact-Aid Nursing Trainer System that I’m going to try to use for the bulk of Tessa’s feeding times. From what everyone tells me, this was the best choice to make. For the sake of expediency, here are the facts on the Lact-Aid from their website:

“Lact-Aid Nursing Trainer System is a tube feeding system created to aid breastfeeding by supplementing Baby at the breast while nursing. Basically, it consists of a container to hold supplemental liquid. A nursing tube reaches from the container to the nipple of the breast. Baby suckles the breast nipple and tube together.

It assures adequate nutrition & helps maintain or re-establish the special bond of breastfeeding!

It trains & stimulates baby’s nutritive suckling reflexes…for improved coordination & skill.

It avoids overtiring Baby & is often prescribed for oral physical therapy!”

I’ve been so woefully underprepared for this whole “being a parent” thing, that I didn’t crack open the Lact-Aid kit till I was AT the Le Leche League meeting. But all this talk of booby milk and suckling and whatnot has got me in the mood to get my act together and finalize my research on the topic of nursing and bottle feeding my baby girl. I have two months left! It’s crunch time!

Since I’m stuck reading instructions and staring at strange objects in a box, I can’t personally comment on the Lact-Aid just yet. But for those of you interested in the topic, here is a fantastically thorough blog post with personal opinions, experiences, and a video tutorial on the Lact-Aid at Doul-la-la: Lact-Aid Demo: In which I take one for the team and bare it all for the greater good.

And here is another really great blog post with a breakdown of how to use the Lact-Aid, along with various tips and tricks for use, storage, cleaning and so on from Padded Tush Stats: Using a Lact-Aid System for Low Milk Supply.

If you have used the Lact-Aid System, I would love to hear from you! I have yet to start out on my breastfeeding journey, and I am aching for personal stories, tips and advice!


5 Responses to “Le Leche League Meetings and the Lact-Aid Nursing Trainer”

  1. Salena Reid July 13, 2013 at 3:28 pm #

    I used it in fact I think I told your mom about it too. it is amazing! I had an issue with increasing my supply so Igot one of those to stimulate the ladies without stabbin starving the baby. Oliver didn’t even notice it was there he just sucked away the only thing is as they get older they start to pull at the bag so watch out for that.

    • gynjii July 13, 2013 at 3:32 pm #

      I think that’s probably where she heard of it then, haha! Because I had heard more about the SNS than the Lact-Aid and so was leaning towards it by default, but wasn’t really doing my research because I’m lazy and this particular topic makes me feel a little sad.. like some little lonely dried up cartoon cow. So she kind of took the initiative and ordered this one for me, haha…

  2. Me July 13, 2013 at 4:31 pm #

    The Leaky B@@b on Facebook might have some good info for ya too. Jessica runs the page and has a wealth of info behind her, not to mention all the other mamas on the page who offer support and such. It is a page that I wished was around when I had my oldest.

  3. Salena Reid July 13, 2013 at 6:09 pm #

    At the time I felt like such a failure my babywearing gaining weight I was exhausted and ignoring my other two and wic was just telling me I wasn’t trying hard enough I even ordered rx meds from Canada because the fda banned it here. Post partum is one heck of an emotional roller coaster don’t give in to your thoughts because it will get better

  4. Salena Reid July 13, 2013 at 6:09 pm #

    Baby wasn’t*

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