American Dad Cosplay in Fresno, California

4 Jul

Okay, this is probably our worst cosplay to date. But I had just found out I was pregnant, and the 9 months of growing belly and inability to cosplay the majority of characters I want to cosplay were staring me in the face. Since the expense of a new baby was looming over our heads, I made a snap decision – let’s do a quick cosplay that requires little to no preparation. I know! American Dad!

Now I will go on the record as saying, I love this TV show. Sometimes. I like that they make fun of liberals and conservatives pretty evenly and across the board. They are equal opportunity assholes. And I like the political and social jokes. But sometimes it just… falls flat. The show isn’t consistently funny. It’s either hilarious, or really dumb. Like, I can’t keep watching this I have to turn it off now dumb. So I wouldn’t call it a FAVORITE show, but it is one that I enjoy from time to time.

Jonathan and I threw the Hayley Smith and Jeff Fischer costumes together from a couple thrift store hunting sessions, and then took them at Woodward Park in Fresno, California with some friends. We then proceeded to feed the ducks at the pond. These has been our most recent cosplay, and was taken in January of 2013.


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