Spaceballs Cosplay at the Kings County Jail in Hanford, California

20 Jun

In the summer of 2011 my mom found this wedding dress at a yard sale for five dollars. We were giggling over how much it looked like Princess Vespa’s dress, and how easy it would be to do a Spaceballs cosplay… aaaand then we found the Lone Starr jacket at a thrift store. Our fate was sealed!

We found the Winnebago sitting in a field just outside of Hanford, and asked the owner if we could use it for the photoshoot. He was very cool about it, albeit very very confused. The inside Spaceballs / jail shots were taken at the old abandoned Kings County Jail in Hanford, California. I was Princess Vespa, Jonathan was Lone Starr and our friend Sean was Dark Helmet! ^_^


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