Vocaloid Cosplay in Hanford, California

18 Jun

I discovered Vocaloid in the summer of 2011 when someone posted a Twitter update of Hatsune Miku singing World is Mine live in concert. I immediately became obsessed and I put her outfit in my gi-normous list of “Cosplays I Want To Do Someday But Probably Won’t”.

Then, not even a month later, (while World is Mine was still being played on a continuous loop on my iPod) I heard that Mikunopolis was coming to Anime Expo in Los Angeles. And holy crap, I had to make myself a Hatsune Miku cosplay. SO!!! I did! With Jonathan as my Kaito, of course!

Jonathan and I made these costumes completely from scratch. I love crafting and sewing with my honey! Since we were running out of time to get the costumes done, my mom helped with the arms – they are actually made of the sleeves of an oversized black jacket that we cut off and turned upside down… my mom added the elastic inside and lined it, and Jonathan added the color detail with ribbon.

Our friend Sean (who has joined us in many other cosplays) let us use the local community theater stage and lighting for our photoshoot. We were running a bit of a tight schedule so we ended up shooting this set from 1am to 3am!! And then I ate some bad cheese, or something, and ended up being painfully nauseous the whole time.. like… I actually ended up running off the stage and throwing up at one point. But nausea aside, it was a fun shoot! The low lights kind of wash out the true colors of the wigs and such, but for such an iconic character I figured we could chance the moody feel. šŸ˜‰


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