Pirates of the Caribbean Cosplay at Cypress Cove, California

15 Jun

I can’t take any credit whatsoever on my wench costume. Shortly after the very first Pirates of the Caribbean movie came out, my mum took a strong liking to ‘The Wenches’. And I’ve come to learn that in the costuming world, having two daughters means having two living, breathing, walking dress up dolls. ^_^

Before I knew what was happening, I was in wench garb and hanging off the arm of every Jack Sparrow in California. And believe me, NO COMPLAINTS HERE. Tee hee hee… there are so many details that go into the redhead costume, and I won’t even begin to touch on the processes my mom employed (I’ll have to persuade her to fill in the details in the comments below), but for now, suffice it to say, she is a crazy costuming madwoman.

Through this costume I’ve met some really awesome friends, most notably one of my besties Will, who is the Jack Sparrow in these photos (and you’ve probably spotted him in many more group cosplay photoshoots we’ve done). Once Jonathan was on the scene, it didn’t take long for Will and I to recruit him as our Will Turner. His  costume was pieced together by the combined efforts of Will, my husband and my mother.

The images above are actually two separate shoots spliced together. The first set of photos with me as Scarlett Harlot, the redheaded wench, were taken at Friant Lake near Fresno, California in late 2010. The second set of photos were taken near Cypress Cove, California in early 2011.


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