Dance Dance Revolution 4th Mix Cosplay in Visalia, California

11 Jun

I always wanted to be my favorite DDR character, Emi Toshiba, since I started playing the game when I was 14… and that was about 14 years ago now. (Holy crap. I’m getting old.)

I always wanted to do her blue pants / stripey shirt outfit as a teenager so I could wear it to DDR tournaments, but when the Joanns Fabrics in my town went out of business and sold everything dirt cheap, I found the perfect yellow plaid fabric for her 4th Mix outfit top. I snatched it up and my mum made me this Emi outfit.

When Jonathan and I were going through our “recycle all of Gingi’s old cosplays” craze, we made him a Rage Ito costume in January of 2011 for this photoshoot.

My friend Shauna (check out her blog, Epic Adventures of an Ordinary Life) and her at the time boyfriend (but now husband) David joined us as Yuni and Akira, and we did our photoshoot at Adventure Park in Visalia, CA. So…. 14 years later and I am STILL a DDR junkie. ^_^


One Response to “Dance Dance Revolution 4th Mix Cosplay in Visalia, California”

  1. Suzi June 11, 2013 at 5:32 pm #

    You should add reference pix of the characters for those who don’t know them, plus, it’s a cool ay to show just how awesome your interpretations are!

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