Brittany + Shad Wedding in New Orleans, Louisiana

11 Jun

Jonathan and I shot this beautiful destination wedding in New Orleans, Louisiana just ONE DAY before our own wedding! Brittany and Shad had their ceremony at Jackson Square Park and the had a Second Line parade that meandered through the gorgeous French Quarter to their reception at the House of Blues. Maybe it was the festive N’awlins air, or maybe this group is just exceptionally friendly and awesome, but these guys made us feel like family while we photographed their wedding.

While I never really saw spending the day before my wedding working as a chore (I saw it as a welcome distraction to keep my mind off of the madness soon to ensue with our wedding!) it ended up being one of the coolest things we could have done. We didn’t have a big enough group (or budget) to validate a second line, but we desperately wanted to take part in one.. and we got to sing at the top of our lungs, wave our arms and snap some gorgeous pictures for Brittany and Shad in their second line! It was a blast!

And the reception? Absolutely stunning. The atmosphere, the lighting, the live music, the food, the booze… it was the epitome of a New Orleans wedding, which (and we may be biased since we chose it as our wedding location) is one of the coolest weddings you can have. 😉


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