Alice in Wonderland Cosplay in Hanford, California

7 Jun

My mum made this costume for me for Halloween of 2007. After wearing it to the mall for a costume contest, and having tons of little kids asking for my picture thinking I was the real Alice, I decided to apply for work at Disneyland (something I’d wanted to do since I was a little kid).

After moving to Southern California to work at Disney – and subsequently meeting Jonathan in Anaheim in 2008 – I decided to pull out this old costume for the Halloween of 2010, upgrade the wig, and give it another go, this time with Jonathan as the Mad Hatter and our good friend Eric as the March Hare. ^_^

We decided to do our photoshoot at Hidden Valley Park in Hanford, CA. There was a perfect area for the shoot, a square of flat ground surrounded by bushes and trees. I borrowed my parents picnic bench and my coworkers folding tables, and we used a medley of my parents and my own chairs. We’d been collecting tea cups and tea pots from thrift stores for weeks leading up to the shoot, so we had a nice little collection. Mum pitched in some spoons and we picked up the pink table cloths at the dollar store.

It was really sunny and due to various work schedules, we had to do the shoot in the worst part of the day lighting-wise. Some friends held up reflecting sheets to control the shadows and help with props, so we had some mild success in the lighting of the photoshoot. This also started the process of investing more and more planning into following shoots. During the shoot my mum brought us some pizzas for a picnic in the park, so it was a rather lovely unbirthday of a day. The marvelous part of this shoot? We only broke one saucer during the whole day!

Oh, and the “tea” in the pictures? Diet Coke and water. ^_^


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