Firefly Cosplay at the Kings County Sheriffs Office Boiler Room in Hanford, California

6 Jun


I’ve had my Kaylee Frye costume that my mum put together for me ever since Firefly was on the air.. yeah. That’s right. ON THE AIR. It was that long ago and yes, I’ve just established by geek cred. *shines nails*Anyhow, this is one of those costumes that has just been so, I dunno.. constant?.. that I had never bothered to post it to ACParadise or or organize a photoshoot or acknowledge it in any special way before. (The jumpsuit mum made is actually extremely detailed btw, although the low lighting in the pictures doesn’t show it. She collected replicas of the patches over the years, scribbled some of the Chinese script onto the legs, and added some grease stains, just like Kaylees coveralls in the show!)

Buuuut, once my handsome boyfriend soon-to-be-husband started cosplaying with me and having a blast organizing photoshoots, I got to cycling through my old costumes to see what we could come up with on a budget. So we threw together a Simon Tam for Jonathan and a Wash for our friend Eric.

We were going insane trying to think of a location that looked sufficiently “inside Serenity-ish”, and my dad suggested we use the boiler room at his work at the Kings County Sheriff’s Office for the photoshoot. At first I was skeptical (that room is TINY), but I think it turned out splendid! ^_^


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