The Dresden Files Cosplay in Hanford, California

2 Jun

The very first coffee date Jonathan and I went on, we soon realized we were both ravenous book worms. It seems we had each read the others favorite novels, with the one exception of The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher – I’d never even heard of it. Jonathan was going on and on about this series and insisted I must read it.

So I did. Now, I’m the type of person who “casts” the books I read, and from day one, I pictured Jonathan as Harry Dresden. So when it came to cosplay ideas for Anaheim Wizard World in 2010, we both jumped at the chance to to The Dresden Files. This one was (obviously) fairly easy to do. This was my first lesson in “don’t bleach your hair, just buy a freaking wig”. I fried my hair to the limit with this cosplay. >_<

Jonathan was Harry Dresden, I was Karrin Murphy and my sister cosplayed Molly Carpenter. We took the pictures in the alleys of my hometown of Hanford, California. This was my first experience really trying to photoshop cosplay images to capture the series “feel”, and it was addicting figuring out how to get the dark, low-lighting look I was going for.


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