Jonathan’s Going Away (To Navy Boot Camp) Party

2 Jun


Friday night, our good friends Belle and Chris Morrow hosted Jonathan’s 1940’s style farewell party to see him off to Navy Boot Camp at their home in Tulare. It was a fun night of good drinks, good food, good music and good friends. Everyone was dressed in style and with the exception of a couple of random yet highly necessary pants-less moments, it was a classy and nerd-tastic shindig. We went all out and crafted fresh berry artisan cocktails, I had sparkling alcohol-free champagne, Jonathan made himself a huge jug of Planters Punch, and Belle made a large batch of her famous potato salad – which I have dubbed her “Crack Salad” and intend to steal the recipe to.






We are so very blessed to have the great friends that we have. During this scary time of uncertainty and so many huge unknowns, to have a family of friends surrounding us with overwhelming love and support is more than we ever could have asked for. I hate to admit that one of my worst fears for the next 2 1/2 months is the thought of sitting all alone in my apartment, pining away for my husband in a lonely stupor, sobbing into a carton of Starbucks Double Chocolate Chip Decaf Frap ice cream.

But those fears have been thoroughly dispelled. These guys have got my back. I feel like I now have the strength to just pretend that I’m Princess Buttercup and Jonathan is Westley, and he’s simply going off to learn to be the Dread Pirate Roberts and study fencing and build up an immunity to iocane powder for the next few months.

I enjoy all of the Friday night parties that the Morrow family throws, but this one (for obvious reasons) will stick out in my memory. We have been so frazzled with last minute things to do and remember and accomplish before Jonathan leaves, so we had intended to dispense with going away parties all together. But the Morrows said no. And, as I’ve come to learn, what the Morrows say, usually goes. They are my refined geeks, and I love them so hard! Thank you for making us family, you classy bitches.





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